Асоціація продюсерів України | Information about ARMA-Ukraine
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Information about Association on Management of Audiovisual Rights “ARMA-Ukraine”


Organization of People’s Unions “Association on Management of Audiovisual Rights “ARMA-Ukraine” (Kiev, Ukraine) is a organization of collective management of rights which offers to legal entities (particularly cable operators, IPTV providers, Internet service providers, VOD and OTT providers, hotels, catering ets) “one stop shop” mode for using the objects of copyright and related rights in audiovisual field during its business activity, and provides access to all information regarding the distribution of the received remuneration among the right holders.


Scope of Association “ARMA-Ukraine” is as follows: representation of interests of right holders in the audiovisual field, collective management of property rights of subjects of copyright and related rights in the use of retransmission of audiovisual works, other objects of right in the audiovisual field, which are placed and distributed in any form (including electronic and digital) on TV channels, in the telecommunication, cable and information networks, and also in the scope of collection and distribution of remuneration for private copying of audiovisual works.


“ARMA-Ukraine” was established in September 2, 2011


Operates under Certificate No.20/2012 issued by the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine dated April 26, 2012.


The founders of the Association “ARMA-Ukraine” are:


  • The head of “ARMA-Ukraine” is Dmytro Kolesnykov
  • Executive director is Roman Semeshko


Association of Producers of Ukraine, Coalition of performers and producers of Ukraine and League of Audiovisual Rightholders, who represent the interests of Ukrainian producers and authors of TV, film, movies, documentaries, music videos and famous companies in the music industry – Lavina Music, Mama Music, Lavina Publishing ets.


Members of the Association “ARMA-Ukraine” also are:


  • All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Cinema”, which is a collective rights management organization in the audiovisual field and represents authors, members of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.
  • Association “ARMA-Ukraine”, cooperates with the largest number of rightholders and collective rights management organizations in the audiovisual field and work in accordance with the provisions of the law on copyright and related rights of Ukraine, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the provisions of European Directive on cable and satellite television.


Association “ARMA-Ukraine” also collaborates with the authorized organization “Ukrainian Music Alliance”, which collects remuneration for the use of phonograms and performances in the audiovisual field in Ukraine.

Ukraine, Kiev, Artema ave. 37-41, of.11,
Zip Code: 04053
Cell.+380 44 361 16 95
Web: http://arma-ua.org/en
Email: roman@arma-ua.org