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About us

The Association of Producers of Ukraine was founded in 2006. Constituent Assembly held by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Head of the State Cinema Committee Hanna Chmil. It was the first producer’s organization, which united independent film and TV producers of Ukraine. The initiator and one of the founders of the Association was producer Dmitry Kolesnikov. Producer Oleksiy Serkov was elected the first chairman of the organization.


Since its establishment the organization has developed from a classical model of trade union association to the organization that monetizes rights of producers and studios in the present conditions of the global distribution of digital audiovisual content./span>


The globalization of distribution markets has caused APU reorganization and establishing “Association on Management of Audiovisual Rights “ARMA-Ukraine”.


Today we collect royalties from uses of audiovisual content and pay royalties to Ukrainian authors, producers and film studios. This is the only example when writers and film producers united by one goal to earn from audiovisual rights on the territory of the CIS. It is our achievement and the first major step toward building a comprehensive model of Ukrainian content monetization of not only in Ukraine but also in global markets.


We represent the interests of not only Ukrainian national film studios like Dovzhenko National Feature Film Studio, Ukrainian Newsreel and Documentary Film Studios, Ukranimafilm Animation Studio, but also the rights of national film authors and the interests of world producers.


More information you can find in the section Law.


Our organization got the right to make film selection for the Oscar award by national film industry experts and established the Ukrainian Oscar Committee. Such an agreement was reached between the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency in 2012.


In 2016 the rules of selection of films for the Oscar award from Ukraine were changed. More details you can find in the section Oscar.


Now APU is in its next stage of change and development. Producer Volodymyr Filippov is a new chairman of the organization. About new board members you can read in the section Board.


In the future, the organization plans to develop its activities through producer rights management and monetization by optimization individual membership.


In 2016 we also established Ukrainian Audiovisual Foundation, info about it you can find in the section Fund.


In addition, we are members of FIAPF, which is the only organization of film and television producers http://www.fiapf.org/members.asp


To contact us, use email or social network