Асоціація продюсерів України | Franchyuk Andrii
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Franchyuk Andrii

Co-founder of Brain Tank, a marketing group of companies that has been aiding the growth of strong Ukrainian brands since 2006.

Producer and director of commercials, animations, and short films. I oversee a production studio and a studio specializing in special effects and animation.

• Active member of ADCE Europe and ADC*UA – European and Ukrainian Art Directors’ Clubs.
• Member of the Board of Directors of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.
• Nominee at numerous advertising festivals.
• Directed 40+ commercials and films for both national and international companies.
• Producer and director of commercial 3D-mapping shows in various cities across Ukraine.
• Founder and chief director of “Moscow Sinking” an innovative project combining short films displayed on a 270-degree projection, a museum experience, AR-technology, and a satirical show.