Асоціація продюсерів України | Dmitriy Kotelenets
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Dmitriy Kotelenets

TV producer & media manager

Graduated Karpenko Kary Kiev State Institute of Theatre Arts in 1994 as a theatre critic.

Working in television area since 1996.

During this time headed deferent departments of the biggest TV channels in Ukraine:

1996-97 – head of cinema acquisition department of INTER TV channel

2000-01 – marketing director of STB

2001-02 – director of Foreign Affairs’ Direction of National TV Company of Ukraine

2004-06 – Commercial Director of ICTV

2006-07 – Commercial Director of INTER

In 2008 created and launched niche satellite TV channel – the First Automotive.

Producing entertainment and sport TV projects.

Among others had organized live broadcastings of significant international sport events for Ukrainian TV channels – Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, World Rally Championship, Winter Olympic Games from Salt Lake City, Football World Cup in Germany etc.

In 2007 managed Omega TV production company which created international project “Oxana Marchenko Show”.

During 2008 to 2010 headed «Savik Shuster Studios/ ISTIL Studios» which produced shows in different genres – political talk show «Shuster LIVE», talent show «People’s Star» (UKRAINE channel), medical talk show «Witch doctors», musical shows «One Night Only», «True-la-la», drama series «Hello, mom!», entertainment shows «Spoiled in Ukraine», «Big Difference» (INTER), «Stars Factory», «Ukraine doesn’t believe in tears», «Intuition», «Beat the blond» (New channel).

Since 2011 the Talking Heads TV company producing entertainment shows and films for television of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. Some of them – 15 minutes until tomorrow, SHOWMONROW, L’Amur Toujour, The Chef (К1 channel – Ukraine), musical Christmas movie «Tumarym» (Khabar channel – Kazakhstan) and others.