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Financial producer, Insightmedia. The Executive producer of the film “Firecrosser”, “Strong Ivan” and others. Alla Ovsiannikova specializes in the financial administration of the projects production. In the sphere of movie making started to work in 2000 and the number of projects is constantly increasing. The films produced with the participation of Alla Ovsiannikiva have already accustomed to take part in major international festivals and receive prizes and critical acclaim. Most of the films shown on television in Ukraine and abroad. Alla is a member of The Ukrainian Film Academy.




Producer of feature films:


March 2018 – «Tarazi», director by Alexander Denisenko, full-length feature film.
2017 р. – «Chervonyi», directed by Zaza Buadze, full-length feature film. Release – August 24, 2017
2016 р. – «Occupation», directed by Mark Hamond, full-length feature film.
2016 р. – «The Nest of the Turtledove», directed by Taras Tkachenko, full-length feature film.




Golden Duke for the best Ukrainian feature film, Odessa International Film Festival 2016;
The leading role Rima Zyubina – Special Achievement Award, Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival in 2016;
First National Film Award “Golden Dziga” in 2017 in 6 categories:
Mykola Boklan – The Best Actor of the second plan;
Natalia Vasko – The Best Actress of the second planv
Vitalyi Linetsky (posthumously) – The Best Actor;
Rima Zyubina – The Best Actress;
Taras Tkachenko – The Best director:
“The Nest of the Turtledove” – The Best film.
2013 р. – «Strong Ivan», directed by Victor Andrienko, full-length feature film for children.




The author of the book Oleksandr Gavrosh – the winner “Coronation of the Word” (2011) (Grand Prix in category “Plays for Children”) for the play “Ivan Syla Circus”
Script-writers Victor Andrienko and Igor Pismennyy – the winners “Coronation of the Word” (2012) (Grand Prix in the category “Scripts for children”) for the screenplay of the movie “Ivan the Powerfull”.
Diploma of Children’s Jury of the competition 43 th Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist”.
Government Award Lesya Ukrainka in the category “Films for Children and Youth” for creative team of feature children’s film “Ivan the Powerfull” the actor, director, screenwriter, producer – Victor Andrienko, actor, director, screenwriter – Igor Pismennyy, art director Igor Filippov, cameraman Oleksandr Kryshtalovych and composer, conductor Igor Stetsyuk.
Honorary Diploma at the XVIII International festival of films and TV programs for children and youth “Golden Chicken” (Ukraine, Mariupol).
“Special Award for vivid and true disclosure of the image” of the International TV Film festival “Slavic proverb” in the name Academician Likhachev. (Sofia, Bulgaria).
2013 р. – «Letter from the Past», directed by Andrey Rozhen, short film..
2013 р. – «Structure of coffee, or” Paragraph ..!», directed by – Oleg Bobalo–Yaremchuk, short film.
2011 р. – «Firecrosser», directed by Mykhailo Illenko, full-length feature film.




Grand Prix of Kiev International Film Festival 2011.
“Golden Knight” in the category “Best feature film” XXI International Film Forum “Golden Knight” in 2012 (Russia).
Participation in the International Film Festival “Golden Apricot” in 2012 and in the competition program of Odessa International Film Festival 2012
The film “Firecrosser” was officially nominated by Ukrainian Oskar Committee for the award Oscar as best foreign film. And got to the longlist of nominees.


The producer of documentaries:


2016 р. – «Ukrainian symbols. Emblem» directed by Taras Tkachenko, feature..
2016 р. – «Ukrainian symbols. Anthem»directed by Eugene Kovalenko, feature.
2016 р. – «Ukrainian symbols. The flag» directed by Sergey Sotnychenko, , feature.
2014 р. – «Olexandr Dovzhenko: Odessa Dawn», directed by Artem Antonchenko, short.
2010 р. – «Black Sea Fleet 1941-1945», directed by Konstantin Konovalov, 8 to 26 min.
2005 р. – «Fourt» , (56 minutes, Digital S), author and director – Ye.Zabolotnyy.
2004 р. – «Honor»(35 minutes, Betacam SP), author and director – V.Yermolenko.
2004 р. – «We» (26 minutes, Betacam SP). Directed by Ye.Zabolotnyy, A.Suyarko, 2003




Diploma V International Competition “UKRAINE ONLY” (September 2003).
Premiere: TV channel “Inter” – August 24, 2003, the National Television of China State TV Belarus TV Channel “Imedi” (Georgia), state television TRT (Turkey).
2002 р. – «Searching epidemic» (Betacam SP), author and director – V.Yermolenko.
2001 р. – «Heavy kilometers, or anatomy of Ukrainian roads» (Betacam SP), directed by Andriy Suyarko.
2000 р. – «Why not laugh, Borislav?” » (Betacam SP), directed by Andriy Suyarko.
2000 р. – «Happiness to you, Yevhenko» (Betacam SP), (Betacam SP), author and director – Andriy Suyarko.


Contacts: ALLA OVSIANNIKOVA +38 050 351 33 19